IMPORTANT: We are committed to providing assistance.

If you require assistance regarding non-consensual activity or cases involving minors, you do not need to obtain a subpoena, warrant, or court order. Simply send a request from your official law enforcement email to [email protected], and we will respond with the available information. Please ensure that you include the exact link to the relevant advertisement.

At our company, we firmly believe in prosecuting individuals involved in human trafficking or targeting minors. Consequently, we are more than willing to assist law enforcement agencies in such cases to the best of our abilities.

To expedite the process, please provide a link to the specific ad(s) in question. This will enable us to swiftly locate the relevant information. A link typically appears as follows: If your form does not accommodate lengthy addresses, kindly include the ad ID instead. In the example link provided, the ad ID would be 12XXXX5, which refers to the numbers following the final slash.

If you only possess a phone number as a lead, we will make every effort to assist you. However, please be aware that individuals frequently change or delete their phone numbers. They may also utilize a combination of words to complicate search efforts. While we endeavor to respond to all law enforcement inquiries within 24 hours, if you do not receive a reply within this timeframe, please resend your email, as there may have been a human or anti-spam algorithm error.

A special note for American Law Enforcement: We are frequently asked for a legal division or physical address for subpoena submissions. It seems these requests align with American law enforcement protocols. However, we are not U.S. citizens, and we do not maintain a physical address or any systems within the United States. is willing to cooperate informally with law enforcement agencies to promptly and efficiently provide them with necessary information via email. However, we do not accept foreign subpoenas directly or any form of service of process. English is the only accepted language. Formal service of process via email is strictly prohibited.

- Subpoenas or court orders are unnecessary for inquiries involving minors.
- Please include the link(s) to the relevant ads.
- If the link(s) cannot be accommodated in your form, provide us with the "ad ID," which refers to the numbers at the end of the link.
- Links/ad IDs are preferable to phone numbers.
- If you are sending a scanned order, please attach a plain text copy of the order within the email text itself or provide a .doc format. This will enable us to copy and paste the links/ad IDs for efficient processing.